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Who We Are

The Vista Family Resource Centre is a non-profit organization funded through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Services.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the creation, implementation and maintenance of programs and services to nurture families on the Bonavista Peninsula in their healthy growth and development.

Our Mandate

The Vista Family Resource Centre is a community-based organization that supports families of children (prenatal to 6 years), builds on their existing strengths and promotes healthy development.

We offer a wide range of services that focus on building capacities; supportive relationships; facilitating growth ; and furthering community development.

Our programs are inclusive, flexible and can vary pending children and family needs. These services may be provided in partnership with other groups and/or community services.

Our Staff

Jackie Penney

Executive Director

Nancy Ryder

Administrative and Program Assistant

Krista Hong

Family Resource Facilitator, Bonavista  &      King's Cove Site

Shelley Harris

Family Resource Facilitator, Catalina Site

Candy Holloway

Family Resource Facilitator, Musgravetown & Port Rexton Sites

Lisa Ricketts

Healthy Baby Club Resource Mother


We offer a variety of programs for families of children aged 0-6. All of our programs are free of charge. Below are brief descriptions for past and present programs. Not all programs listed are currently being offered. Please consult the programs calendars for each site for current program information or contact us at 468-2540 or 1-888-568-2540.

Family Programs

Baby Talks

This program is offered to families of children aged infant to walking. The program provides parents with opportunities to share ideas and information around the parenting of an infant. Parents interact with their children through play and song. Healthy snacks are provided. There is a graduation “ceremony” upon completion of program.

Buddies on Ice

This program is offered every second week throughout the late fall and winter through a partnership with the Cabot stadium who offers free ice time. Families with young children have the stadium to themselves for a skate and enjoy snack together afterward.

Dr. Seuss’ Silly Gooses

This is a four week program with activities, stories and snacks all based on a Dr. Seuss theme.

Drop-In Play/Playgroup

Program offered to families with children aged 0-6. This program provides opportunities for socialization, and active play. A wide variety of toys, craft materials, books, puzzles, dress-up clothes are provided. Activities include free-play, reading stories, singing songs, using craft materials, play dough and goop, outdoor play and healthy snacks. 

Little Chefs

Parents and children prepare simple recipes together and learn about food preparation, cleanliness, nutrition and group work. When the program is completed, each child receives and apron, a cookbook and a certificate.

Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins is a 4 week program built around science topics. Week 1: sinking and floating, week 2: mixing colors, week 3: reactions (baking soda vinegar ) and week 4: magnets. Each week children learn a little about each subject. The children get the chance to do science projects on each topic. This program is for ages 4-6 and registration is required.

Run and Jump

This program is done in partnership with the Salvation Army church in Musgravetown. Children have use of a gym and a large variety of age-appropriate play equipment that encourages movement. This is a great opportunity for active play, physical activity and healthy snacks.

School Gym Days

Gym time and use of school gym equipment offered through a partnership with Bishop White School in Port Rexton.

Snack Packs and Jumping Jacks

Preschool and/or Kindergarten children have the opportunity to make their own healthy snacks and learn about good nutrition and active living.  This program is offered in partnership with kindergarten classes within our catchment area.

Tiny Green Thumbs

Children learn about sowing seeds and caring for plants. Program may differ depending on space/resources available. May include planting, caring for and harvesting vegetables in boxes or in a garden or may include growing flowers in a pot. Related stories and activities are used. Healthy snacks are provided.


This is a combination of Baby Talks and Small Wonders. This is offered at sites with lower attendance.

Parent/Caregiver Programs

Kids Have Stress Too!

This is a program of the Psychology Foundation of Canada. It can be offered as a one-time, stand alone workshop or a series of three sessions. Parents and caregivers learn how to identify stress in young children and learn tools to help their children reduce and deal with every day stress.

Handle With Care

This is a program for parents and other caregivers. It uses activities, games and discussions that support the social and emotional well-being of children from birth to six years as well as their caregivers. It helps parents/caregivers to build strong relationships with their children; build their children's self-esteem; help their children express emotions; and help their children form healthy relationships with others.

Positive Discipline

This program was developed by Joan Durrant Ph.D. (University of Manitoba) for Save the Children Sweden in 2007. It shows parents how to teach their children while respecting the child’s human rights. Positive Discipline is: non-violent, respectful and solution focused. This program runs for approximately 10 weeks and is appropriate for parents of children infant to 18 years.

Parent Night

Once a month, each site holds a Parent Night. This is an opportunity for parents to socialize, relax and have some fun. Past parent night activities have included crafts, exercise nights, games nights, potlucks and other activities that are of interest to the group.

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect is a parenting program offered in communities by facilitators to help support parents and young children. At Nobody's Perfect sessions, parents/caregivers can learn about their child's feelings, behaviours, body and safety as well as share what it is like to be a parent. Sessions are based on what the parents and caregivers want to learn about, not step by step from a book.

Parent-Child Mother Goose

Parents and children meet with two facilitators once a week.

  • enjoy rhymes and songs together
  • learn a variety of songs and rhymes.
  • enjoy strengthened bonding

Parents, caregivers and children take home and share what they have learned with older children, grandparents, and other parents. The whole family benefits!

Busom Buddies Breastfeeding Peer Support Group

This group of breastfeeding mothers and their babies meets once every two weeks to relax, chat, support one another and share ideas. A facilitator is available to provide information and a snack is provided at each session. All breastfeeding mothers are welcome to drop by.

Healthy Baby Club

The Healthy Baby Club is a prenatal program that focuses on helping mothers have the healthiest baby possible! The program consist of groups sessions, food supplements and home visiting.

Group sessions include include information on self-care and stress management, labor and delivery, postpartum depression, smoking cessation and the risks of drug use, good nutrition, breastfeeding and other topics of interest. Activities include discussions, cooking, healthy snacks games and guest speakers.

Each participant will receive food supplements of eggs, oranges and milk to help to ensure proper nutrition.

For more information on this program please contact our Resource Mother at 468-2560 or 468-2540.

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