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Parent/Caregiver Handbook


•For most of our programs you can just drop by at the scheduled time.

•For programs that require registration, we need you to try to attend every session. If you can't attend a session, please let us know so no food/supplies will go to waste.

•If you register & realize you can no longer participate, please let us know so that someone else can take part.


•Please feel free to speak to staff with your ideas & feedback.

•Take part in our Annual Evaluation Survey.

•Participate in our Strategic Planning Day.

Safety & Security

•You are responsible for the children in your care at all times. Please do not leave the Centre without your child. If you must leave, bring your child with you. You must supervise your children in the washroom.

•Please do not allow your child to run around the centre.

•If you provide on-site childcare, you must always be available to your child. Please do not leave the building without your child for any reason.

•When snack is served. please make sure your child is seated. Running or walking around while eating may cause them to choke.

- Do not bring food to any Centre programs without checking with staff about possible allergies.

•You are responsible for making sure your child is in a properly installed, age-appropriate car seat or booster seat. Please ask us for more information.

•Parents are responsible for their children's safety during outings. Please make sure that they are dressed appropriately & wearing proper helmets if cycling or skating. (Make sure to check the expiration dates on helmets.) Always supervise your child.


We understand that all children have tantrums or misbehave at one time or another. This is normal. It can also be frustrating for parents. Please know that you are not alone. When this happens, it is an opportunity to teach. Please take the time to talk to your child.

We do not expect perfect behaviour from any child. Children need different types of discipline depending on their age. If you would like information on ways to guide your child's behaviour, please ask our staff. We have some excellent resources that may help.

Smoking, Alcohol & Prescription Drugs

•Smoking or vaping are not allowed at any Centre activities.

•Smoking or vaping is not permitted around any buildings where Family Resource Centre programs take place.

•Alcohol will not be served at any Centre activities.

•Please keep any prescription & over-the-counter drugs safely out of reach of children at all times.


Depending on the programming, we may collect the following information from you:

•Information that identifies you (i.e. name, address, telephone number, date of birth).

•Information about the services you receive (medical support).

•Information about you & your family's needs (registration form, needs assessment form, Getting to Know Mom form).

Information is collected to:

•Correctly identify the individual & his or her family.

•Make contact with the family when necessary.

•Understand the needs of the individual & his or her family in order to provide appropriate programs & services.

•Develop programming that is responsive to the needs of families.

The Centre has policies in place to protect your information. We will:

•Keep information in locked cabinets & password protected computers.

•Not share information with other's unless you have given permission or when required by law.

Use of Cameras

When you bring your cameras or smart phones please keep these points in mind:

•Some parents would prefer that pictures not be taken of their children. Please respect their wishes.

•Do not take pictures or videos of children other than your own unless you have the permission of their parent or caregiver.

•Make others aware if you do not want pictures taken of you or your children or if you do not want any pictures posted on the internet.

•Do not post pictures or videos of other parents &/or caregiver's children on the Internet unless you have permission to do so.


When attending the Centre's programs, please help us by:

•Cleaning up after yourself & your child.

•Putting away any toys or books your child has been playing with.

•Throwing away your garbage.

•Cleaning up the area where you & your child have been eating.

•Please use our designated area when changing diapers & after changing baby, place the diaper in a plastic bag, tie off & throw in the garbage in the washroom. Disinfect the change area with disinfectant spray or wipes.

Program Cancellations

To find out about cancelled programs:

•Check monthly calendars at your site.

•Check your site's Facebook Page.

•If school in your area is closed due to weather, Centre programming will not go ahead.

Breastfeeding Friendly

Breast milk is the best choice for the healthy growth & development of infants. We want to provide a comfortable, supportive place for any mother who wishes to breastfeed. Please ask us about our breastfeeding peer support program & resources we have available.


In order to prevent the spread of sickness, we ask that you remain home if you or your child is sick. The flu, cold, pink eye & stomach flu can spread quickly. We would like to prevent spreading as much as possible. If you like, staff can put together some ideas of fun things to play or read at home until you & your child are feeling better.


Snacks at the Centre are provided free of charge. There is no need for you to bring anything yourself.  If you do bring food, be sure to check about any allergies first. The Centre provides healthy snacks such as fruit, milk, cheese, whole grain bread & yogurt. The staff will try their best to be allergy aware. Be sure to notify staff if you or your child develops an allergy so that we can keep this in mind when preparing snacks. If you have any suggestions or recipes for healthy snacks, we would love to hear your ideas.


Programs are offered to families with children aged 0-6. The older siblings (age 7+) of these children may attend during the summer months in order to make it easier for families to attend. Parents & caregivers are responsible for these children as for the younger children.

Change Tables/Change Areas

Please use designated change tables or change areas when changing diapers.

Positive Environment

Please help us in creating a warm, welcoming environment that provides a positive example for the children. Always respect privacy.

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